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My Reading Room Requests allows St Pancras registered readers, who have a valid pass, to check the current status of their requests in real time. It displays requests that you submitted using Explore the British Library.

My Reading Room Requests also allows you to view the archive of your requests since the British Library opened at St Pancras on 24 November 1997.

You can:

• Check the current status of requests in real time
• Cancel requests that you no longer want to see
• View archive of requests submitted since 24 November 1997
• Export the archive of requests to other formats e.g. Microsoft Office, PDF

The cancel option is only available if we have not yet started to process the request.

My Reading Room Requests will automatically log you out after a period of inactivity. For British Library PCs this is set to 5 minutes. For all other computers this is set to 1 hour. Service is available 24/7 except when technical upgrades are required.

My Reading Room Requests is designed to work best with Internet Explorer version 6. However, it will work with a range of current browsers:

• Internet Explorer version 6.0 or above
• Firefox version 3.5 or above
• Safari version 4.0 or above
• Google Chrome
• Opera version 9.6 or above

There may be some functionality or display issues with some browsers.

My Reading Room Requests requires JavaScript. See instructions for enabling JavaScript in principal browsers.

Any PC or Macintosh hardware should support My Reading Room Requests.


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